Platinum Poesy Rings
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faithles to none yet faithful to one

pulse of my heart in Gaelic

semper amemus Latin for our love is forever

yovrs onli in 16th C. Period English

vous et nul autre - French for you and no other

ot dushi - Russian for from my soul

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What Are Poesy Rings?

(pronounced posey, just like a flower)

The popularity of  poesy rings is attested to by their frequent mention in Shakespeare's plays. The tradition is older than Shakespeare's time, but it was during the Renaissance (14th-17th Centuries) that the custom reached the height of popularity. During this time, the British aristocracy was wild about rings inscripted with poesies or poems. Some poesy rings were inscripted in English; others in French, Latin, Gaelic and other languages.
Many poesy rings that Crystal Realm offers are licensed reproductions of Renaissance era poesy rings now found in great museums.

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